Download Latest Skins and Themes for Xion Audio Player

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Earlier I wrote about the Xion audio player for Windows which is a free and lite music player. If you already have downloaded Xion player and want to replace the default theme with new Xion skins and icons then here is a small list of popular skins worth checking out.

xion_dj DJ Mix themeDownload

sub_xion_skinSublimation XionDownload

graviton_xionXion GravitonDownload

iphone_skiniPhone Music SkinDownload

xion_transformerXion TransformerDownload

xion_blackDark Agsio skinDownload

lite_xionLight Mytic SteelDownload

psp_xion_themePSP Xion themeDownload

aeroglass_themeAero Glass XionDownload

After you have downloaded your favorite theme from the list above, launch the Xion player. From the menu, load the theme you have just downloaded. The player will automatically import all the settings and transform itself into something new.

What is your favorite theme? Any good theme we missed? Let us know.

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