Five best quality Icon search engine

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You know what an icon is, right? Anyway… for starters,

An icon is a small sized representation which is used by web designers for various reasons of their own. Icons usually go by the extension called as .ico.

Now you might have heard of some people who spend there time creating icons for the web; for instance, icons on Google are available all over the web. Most of these icons are fan-made and you can take a look at them on icon Search Engine. So, without further ado, lets check out some of the best quality icon search engine to fulfill your iconic needs:

List of Quality Icon Search Engine:

1. Icon look – A cool web 2.0 Icon search engine which provides excellent quality web icons in an intuitive way. To make searching easier, the site provides tag cloud system that shows the number of popular icons available.


2. Icon Search – Another useful search engine that has this fat list of icons for anyone to use and download. Also, there are various categories that targets icon ranging from the size of 16×16 to 128×128 in ICO format (inlcudes 48×48,32×32 and so on).

3. Search Icon – Search Icon currently supports Chinese and English languages. This search engine, apart from searching your favorite icons, also has a folder view feature which, in my opinion, is excellent.

4. Icon Finder – Another good Icon search engine which provides license information about the icon — Icon Finder has the same feature bundled like the rest of the sites. Nothing new, but definitely worth a visit.

5. Icon Let One more icon search engine.

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