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Update: The magazine is no longer available for free. This article was written in 2009, and now it’s 2012 already.

This is an interesting Magazine subscription offer for only for USA, Canada dudes. Maxim has been known for couple of years as one of the entertainment magazine for men is now giving away free Maxim Magazines delivered to you at no extra cost. Before I explain you the procedure, let’s look into what Maxim magazine contains..

Magazine For Men – Maxim Magazine


Though Maxim magazine are specially made for Men but there are always witty content (This is what Maxim is popular for) which makes it an excellent read for all the ardent entertainment followers and fans. Maxim Magazine contains topics that relate to

  • Celebrity Interviews and remarks.
  • Top Model Photo shots.
  • Product reviews with babes.
  • Covers all men needs..
  • Gadgets and adult topics.

Get Maxim Magazine Subscription 2009

Yes, now you can get your own 1 year free subscription for Maxim Magazine (Like I said – it is only for people from USA, Canada). Both the Maxim issues for USA and Canada are priced differently but the coupon you are going to use will be the same.


Fill this form (Thanks to Sony) with appropriate email address, residential address and wait for 4 to 6 weeks to receive your first Maxim issue. For Canadian people press the “click here if you are a Canadian subscriber” link and fill the rest of the form.

There’s no catch whatsoever and the only thing you have to do is use YSON coupon code in the field Enter the voucher code found on your DVD case! That’s it.. Enjoy a Valid Free Maxim Subscription now 😀

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Myers September 14, 2009

Maxim cancelled subscriptions because of “high demand” to which they cannot answer. BUT, they offer to pay 15$ for a paid membership. EHHHHHhhh… didn’t you ran out of magazines?????

Don’t buy MAxim…

Sidharth July 15, 2009

@Claude – You’re welcome.

@joe blow – Hello Joe, Thank you for making aware of the instructions to be followed. I’m really glad to have such informative helpful explanation..

@Rajesh – Damn! offer’s really closed down.

Will find Maxim magazine other subscriptions soon!

Rajesh July 13, 2009

Offer Closed 😛

joe blow July 11, 2009

seems to work.. redirects to maxim’s site immediatly upon loading page though.. you need to hit the stop button before it redirects you there (but after the place order button forms on the page or there will be no button to hit place order)…then fill in your info.. after that hit place order..then hit the stop button as soon as you see the confirm order button or it will redirect you to maxim again.. and you will have to start over.. after clicking confirm order.. you will again be redirected to maximum but this time you will recieve an email confirm stating order will start in 4 weeks. hope this helps.

Claude July 6, 2009

Thanks 🙂

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