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Hey folks…

Valentine Day is here! Let’s do something good, right? Something fun? How about funny posters on this auspicious Valentine Day? Yeah, this post has ’em all.

Interesting fact: Valentine idea is supposed to be originated from the Roman God in the ancient times. Come February 14th, and this Valentine day is on a full swing as a lot of “people” get close to their Valentine.

Along with chocolates, every year huge number of Greeting Cards are purchased on the Valentine Day. According to a recent study, over a billion dollar is profited by companies on the Valentine Day alone. Guess what do they buy? Not Angry birds Valentine but love cards, greeting cards, valentine cards, rose cards, call them whatever you want — they sell pretty well in the month of February.

Here are some of the most funny Valentine Greeting cards compiled. May be you can print these pictures and give ‘em to your lover. 😀

#1 Love My Valentine Forever
#2 Thinking of You, My Valentine!
#3 Valentine, I hate You!
#4 Valentine’s Epic Realization
#5 Valentine Girl, Here’s the Truth
#6 Dreaming About Valentine?
#7 Let’s Love Now
#8 My Beautiful Valentine
#9 I Love My Valentine…
#10 Cute Valentine Greeting Card

I loved the valentine idea #4… how about you? Which greeting card did you like? Let me know through your comments below.

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Pavan Kumar February 13, 2009

Really good ones… dude… stumbled… Happy Valentine’s Day Sid… 😀

Raju February 13, 2009

LMAO =)) amazing collection dude 😀 stumbled!!

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