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By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Making prank calls on your friends is always fun only if done in a appropriate way,the Internet emergence lead to many features which allows you to make phone calls for free from your browser and here is a easy way to play prank on your friends (scare your friends 😉 ) by making a fake hoax calls using a website known as hoax Call which is the only online application for making prank calls

hoax_free_prank_callsAnother way to make free prank phone calls is to use Getmooh in which you have automated call back service whereas hoaxcalls has a collection of ready made scenario’s which can be used as prank calling clips.Note that the phone calls can be made only to USA,Canada or UK telephone numbers.To make fake conversation using hoaxcall a VoIP application and headphones will do the job!

Making Free Prank Calls using Hoax calls

Making free phone calls from hoaxcalls is easy,Visit hoax Call website and choose the call scenario

Now pick up any of the pre recorded sentences,you can also listen them before making calls on your friend’s phone number,after choosing the audio prank call clip,enter the telephone number and click on “Call”.The caller will hear those audio clips which will piss him off 😀

Though the calls are anonymous but this free service is not intended to abuse any rules,for this reason you can make a prank call to a particular number only after 2 weeks as they store the phone number in there temporary database.For now Hoax Call is completely free and is not out for worldwide users except for US,UK and Canada.

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