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Anonymous transferring of  online files is intimidating these days, with many people who wants to make money or steal your system information, web users must be hyperactive before downloading files from forums or unknown sources.

The uploader might include affiliate links or exe files along with the original file which makes him money. Some people share virus and malicious code filled files that can not only corrupt the system files but also steal your personal data. So it is always advisable to scan the files online or using an standard Anti virus product.

Scan Files for Malicious Virus

If you don’t have an anti virus installed on your system then you can make use of online scanning tools which are free and effective. These tools scan for any virus and displays the result of the files. And here I’ve listed some of the best online scanning tools that will check for trojan, virus malicious code in the file. You have to upload your file to see the results!

Virus Total Scan


Scan now – A simple and well known tool that allows you to upload 20mb file or any document. It also has lots of different features and an simple result, recommend tool! Scans for all kind of worms, virus, trojans and malwares detection in the file.

Filter Bit Quick Scan


Scan now – Filter Bit service analyzed any suspicious file and provides the result quickly. It also shows the daily statistics that shows the common virus detected in most of the file.

Kaspersky Online File Scan


Scan now –  You can also download the Kaspersky antivirus product license by using promotion code or make use of this service if you want to only scan harmful files. Allows 1mb of file size and the engine updates everyday to detect all kinds of virus.

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