Send free Reminder Via Email Service

By Sidharth | Web resources

Don’t want to forget your friend’s birthday dates? Want to complete any assignments? Then set a online sms/email reminder, by using such reminder service you will be notified about your task and complete them on time.One such is “Your list” reminder service.In short, Yourlist is a free email reminder service that will send you an reminder on the specified date time in a attractive format via email.


Creating Email reminders

You can visit Your list or drag and drop this Javascript bookmarklet into your bookmarks menu – “Email Reminder” to create your email reminders in a few seconds.Just set the title, your mail id with a description of the reminder along with specified time.You will receive a attractive html reminder to your email account.You can also choose SMS reminder to receive reminders to your cell phones (Only 2 free sms reminders) 😉 Alternative for sending reminders you can make use of outlook email remainder!

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