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Reviewing some of the smallest LCD monitor screens and LCD monitors that are available on computer stores. Check out these cool and small PC monitors!

Miniaturization is the game of the hour as everything around us is being miniaturized. From cell phones to monitors, everything needs to be smaller and more petite to be the next “in” thing on the world wide web. In keeping with the tradition, computer monitors have diminished in size and weight since the time of the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors. The realm of display of today belongs to Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors that grow in size from two inches (2”) to twenty four inches (24”) and beyond. These LCD monitors offer a variety of display resolutions that are often needed for various activities like gaming, designing and multimedia authoring.

Here are some of the current smallest LCD monitors that are not only the smallest monitors but also are compact for effective computing :

MIMO 710 model Monitor


With only a single USB port, the MIMO 710 model offers an exquisite amount of features not found in many models. These displays enhance productivity by de-cluttering the main display and displaying the rich and vibrant screen in a tiny 8” space – perfect for a secondary or tertiary monitor. At around 1.3 pounds and $129.99 these are compact and portable.

Zhanglou Liliput Electronics 7-Inch Standalone Car PC Monitor 619GL Monitor


This little 7 inch display is perfect for car computers and less space occupying PC’s. The display, though a little hot when operating, is still a neat package at 188x125x32 mm. The display can output both PAL and NTSC displays, and the display itself is clean and clear.

Samsung SPF-105P 10” photo frame Monitor

standalone 7

Although this is a slightly large monitor, this 10 inch display is quite a bargain as this also doubles up as a digital photo frame. Also requiring just a USB connection, this photo frame doubles up as a secondary monitor for viewing or editing information for the main display. It even has in built speakers for music support! The only drawback is that it cannot play videos.

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Amit Bhawani May 16, 2009

I bought a new HP Mini 1001 laptop with 10″ screen, could not stay happy with it for more than 2-3 days and sold it 😀

George Serradinho May 14, 2009

Wow, some of them are really small. I guess I would have to wear my glasses for them 🙂

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