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A color photo can be converted into a black and white, sketch-like image using various desktop tools like Adobe Photoshop and Gimp. But if you have only a handful of photos, and you don’t want to use any tools to create a sketch paint of your own photo, here’s an online tool that does just what you need.

Dumpr is a free online service that will transform your photos into sketch in no time. The process is really simple — you have to upload a photo from your computer, and hit the button to get a sketch design which can be downloaded on your computer. You can also upload photos from your Flickr account, or simply paste a photo’s URL from the web.

The image below shows two photos. The left one is the original I uploaded on Dumpr while the right one is the sketch that was generated by this free tool:

Transform photos to Sketch

Check out Dumpr

If you are looking for more interesting photo editing tools, and you’d like to see yourself or your friends as an ancient ape, then check out this article on how to transform any face into an ancient ape.

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Gil Megidish February 1, 2009

Hahaha! Great sketch! Smurf are so awesome.

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