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Without a doubt, Wikipedia.com is one the informative website that makes accessing information very much easier. Being one of the popular website on the internet, there are many wiki like websites that have gone viral, and one among the many is Uncyclopedia, which is perhaps the best website to kill your time.

I’ve found Uncyclopedia.org (visit the website) to be extremely funny because, unlike Wikipedia, this website has humorous misleading information that makes fun of the factual pages. There are hundreds of awesome pages with excellent write-up that will make you laugh out loud.

Before you make an visit to the website, note that Uncyclopedia isn’t used to demean people, country or religion. It’s definitely an wikipedia killer website that has amused me and kept me away from the boredom..

Some of the popular pages of Uncyclopedia that are going to tickle your funny bones..

Any totally humorous page you’ve stumbled across at Uncyclopedia? 😛 Share it here..

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