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If you have a Adobe PDF reader then there is a old trick to view PDF files on your web browser.but if you don’t have Adobe PDF reader software installed on your system then how do you open and read the .pdf files and documents ? One solution is to use alternatively PDF reader like sumatra but still if you don’t wish to download and install on your PC then Pdfmenot contributes for online pdf viewing.

Pdf me not allows you to read pdf files and documents right from your browser window.It doesn’t matter if you are using Mac,windows or Linux,PDFmenot works for everyone until you have a Internet connection and a good web browser.

You can upload the PDF files from your PC or you can link to the Pdf file from web online world,just place the url of the pdf file and click on view.Moreover their is also a option to embed the PDF file or share the url through email easily.

Firefox addon to View PDF files

If you are using Firefox browser then you can install this PDF addon which enables you to quickly convert a pdf file for online viewing.PDFmenot is still in beta and doesn’t have zooming pdf option,also you cannot open the particular page within the document,though these features will be introduced soon.If you just want to view a pdf file and don’t want to download any Pdf reader then click on Pdfmenot!

View PDF files Online – PDF me not

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