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Windows Microsoft Movie Maker is a  software which is absolutely free. Packed with Windows XP – this is one of the power full video editors for home users which can be used for video productions too.


The windows movie maker alternative imports different formats and can capture directly from your DV camera with a help of fire wire. Now doing a non-linear editing, transitions and titles is also made possible here. There are different types of Windows Movie Maker alternative available.

When it comes to windows XP – VirtualDub is the best open source video editor. This has the basic of non-linear video editors and has powerful features which will help you to process video clips.


The features available in the VirtualDub is Noise reduction, re-compression of video and audio, advanced set of filters, real time downsizing and much more. You can even blur the image, rotate and adjust. When it comes to movie maker, Virtual Dub would be an ideal alternative tool.

One of the best windows movie maker alternatives is Adobe Premiere which is the state of the art video editing. When it comes to editing real-time non-linear editing which includes high resolution, adobe premiere would be a perfect choice.


This software supports 16-bit color resolution which is GPU accelerated to increase the rendering capacity. This even has advanced DVD authoring. So when it comes to video editing Adobe Premier would be the best application.

Another most popular and common one is Avidemux 2.4.1 which offers simple video editing techniques for your computer. This would be an ideal option for DVD converting and editing. This software comes with a support for automation.


Here DVD authoring is also made possible. This would be a best alternative option for Windows Mac and Linux. Software which can be best used for open source non-linear video editing at its best is Kino. This can easily import the DV video and even allow detailed transition and editing effect for both audio and video.

It has the best movie editing features which includes fast and frame- accurate navigation which has precise trimming. There are various types of video effects and filters available for this particular software. Kino is best used for Linux.

For the Linux users who are looking for a professional and advanced video editing source Cinelerra would be an ideal option.


The important features are editing, capturing and compositing. Even high definition video can be edited here. With the help of OpenGl and Compatible graphic cards Cinelerra can preview the editing video in real time without rendering, which makes the editing easy.

Video effects are also made possible. This open source platform is available for Linux users. Know your requirement before making your choice and choose the best Windows Movie Making alternative you are comfortable with.

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Rob November 11, 2009

This is a great list of editors. Thanks for posting these. I've been looking for something a little more robust than Windows Movie Maker.

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