How Schneider Electric Is Converting Homes Into Smart Homes In India

They say change is constant.

And this change has produced a generational gap — with adults on one side, and young millennials on the other. To appeal both is an ongoing challenge — especially when it comes to adopting technological innovation. Some prefer old school, while others embrace the next new thing.

This is where France-based Schneider Electric enters.

Launching Easy Homes, Schneider Electric is appealing to the mass audience — from adults to the millennials — with its IoT-based solution that converts your home into a smart home.

If you ever fantasized the idea of making your home smarter, of controlling the switches, and building a personalized experience, without sacrificing the old mechanical ways — this is for you.

In simple words, Easy Homes will make your home smart. It leaves the existing wiring as it is while integrating relays and a gateway, thus allowing technology to work in the background.

How It Works: No New Accessories And No New Systems Required

Unlike several power companies out there focussed on new homes, Schneider Electric targets old homes as well as new homes.

The way it converts your home into a smart home is simple: first, based on your requirements, you order an Easy Homes package. Once this package arrives, you call the customer care, who will then schedule an appointment for installation.

On the said date and time, the technician walks into your home — installs the package without disturbing your existing wiring — and converts your home into a smart home.

According to the company, it takes four hours to install the package. Post-installation, you can operate the switches through voice (Alexa / Google Home), mobile app, or remote.

With this move, Schneider Electric is casting its net wide into the residential market. According to Srinivas Shanbhogue, Vice President of the company, the aim is to make 1 lakh homes smarter in less than two years.

You Are Just A Click Away

One doesn’t have to go through a labor-intensive process to get started. In fact, just visit the website, select the package, and make the payment.

Currently, here are the 3 packages supported: Prime, Grand, and Luxury. Each package offers more to the kit and is designed for a home of one, two, and three bedrooms.

Inside the package, you will find a couple of small IoT devices, designed to fit behind the switchboards. It took the company two years to create this product and it will continue to market it both online and offline.