What to include in a Visual Resume?

Do’s and don’ts of a visual resume

Visual resume is a modern makeover of the typical traditional resume. It is crisper, more attractive and highly interactive way to inform the employers about the professional, educational and personal credibility of an individual.

While visual resume is a commonly circulated term in the corporate world these days, it certainly has mixed outcome. So what are the basic reasons that a professionally created visual resume may suffer?

There are a couple of mistakes that either get overlooked or incorporated inside a visual resume without assuming its aftermath. Let us learn more about them and also look into the do’s and don’ts of a visual resume or cv.

Crucial elements to avoid in your resume:

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Grammatical mistakes

Grammatically erroneous resumes convey the message that either the candidate is weak in a particular language, or careless about the job.

Even the most attractive visual resume can get turned down if the contents comprise of grammatical errors. Although these errors may be very trivial for the candidate and remain limited to commas, brackets and parenthesis, they can create bad impression upon the resume viewer.

Too lengthy slideshows

It is true that candidates get greater chances to display their talents and highlight their skills in a powerpoint visual resume. Moreover, employees find it much more interesting to go through such visually entertaining resumes. But while making one it must also be kept in mind that employers are never going to spend the whole day with one resume only.

No matter how interesting the resume is, they will lose interest in the same after a particular time. So, lengthy resumes are a particular no-no even for visual resumes. They must be detailed, but crispness and compactness is extremely essential. Don’t create a visual resume with over 100 slides. Just keep it short and, if possible, to the point.

Installing background music

One might be ardent fan of music, but installing a peppy tone as background music of a visual resume is not at all recommended. The candidate must understand that the resume viewers will view the same in a highly serious office ambiance. Therefore, whenever a visual resume is clicked open, the sudden music associated with it might cause disturbance to those present around. However, most candidates believe that music breaks the monotony of an office ambiance. But this is not always the case.

While going through the visual resume, employers mostly maintain a serious mood. They are not at all in requirement of sort of entertainment. Hence, either a professional visual resume should be devoid of background music, or it should be there but with an optional tab so that employers can use only when they desire.

Crucial elements to include in your resume:

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Highlight personal skills

It is always necessary for the employers to assume an aspirant’s abilities to work as a team. But this never means that a particular visual resume will only be stuffed with images, reports and videos that the candidate has done as a part of a team, just like all other team members.

Employers wish to know the special qualities of a candidate which makes him/her the most appropriate one for a particular position. Even if it is a team project, the employers feel more interested in educating themselves on issues, such as leadership qualities, stress handling attributes, labor handling abilities and similar such things that make the candidate stick out of the group. So, highly professional visual resumes do include team projects, but they always put the skills of an aspirant within parenthesis.

Focusing on responsibilities rather than accomplishments

Every job and every designation has a set of responsibilities, which it passes on to a particular candidate. So, whether it is Tom, or Dick, or Harry, the nature of responsibility for a particular position will remain unaltered. What appears more important is whether a particular candidate has been awarded for a particular skill or received any accomplishment for his/her excellent performance in the particular stream.

Thus, stuffing a visual resume with every minute detail of the job responsibilities a particular candidate was vested with so far becomes useless. This makes the visual resume pointlessly lengthy, thereby increasing the number of slides. Instead, it is much better to enlist the particular accomplishments of the aspirant, which may be more interesting for the employees.

It is utmost important to realize what is important and what is unnecessary while creating a resume by placing oneself in the position of a resume viewer.

Simple do’s in a visual resume:

These points can appear very trivial for a candidate, but they influence the credibility of a visual resume manifold.

Smile in your photo

When a person smiles he/she looks confident. This never implies that the person has to laugh unnecessarily. But the basic fundamental is that he/she must look happy and positive in the pictures, videos and images uploaded in the visual resume. When employers look at happy faces in visual resume, they feel interested in going through the entire thing.

Conversely, it can be well assumed that a gloomy and sad face will always be discouraging. One can bet any day that there will be hardly any employer who would wish to peep inside the profile of a melancholic person, no matter how alluring it may be.

Incorporate minute information

While creating a visual presentation of the resume, candidates remain extra careful about incorporating in-depth information on professional, personal and educational fronts. Almost each one of them leaves out minute details that may apparently seem trivial, but create intense impression among the employees.

For instance, a software developer may have prior associations with heavy-weight organizations in his/her related field. He/she might have done a couple of foreign trips too as a part of his/her projects. Hence, the aspirant will invariably enlist them all in the visual resume. But a simple incident like helping the Chief Minister with his personal blog might get overlooked in the whole process. On the contrary, this is as important as every other acclamation received by the software developer since it is connected with a heavyweight client.