Visual Resumes

Visual resume brings a sense of personal branding. For a job seeker, having a visual resume is probably the best way to inform the employers about his/her professional, educational and personal credibility.

Let’s accept it: traditional resumes are boring. Today, everyone appreciates a job seeker who does something different than the rest. This is where these visually appealing resumes can be useful — they are crisper and more attractive than a traditional resume.

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Visual resume is a multimedia resume that appeal more to the eyes of the people who read it. Besides all the basic information present in a traditional resume, it also comprises of multimedia add-ons like digital images, videos and/or audio files along with relevant links of a candidate’s professional works, liaisons, etc.

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If judged from the employer’s point of view, generalized resumes often give a bad impression. It looks that either the aspirant has applied for numerous jobs before, and will continue to do so without any successful outcome or it is his/her extremely casual approach to remain too generic while applying for the particular position. Some traditional resumes fall in this category.

That doesn’t mean visual resumes are readily accepted by every organization — it’s not! Learn more about the pros and cons of traditional and visual resumes.

Do not generalize your visual resume. In order to impress more and more employers, it is almost essential for a modern professional of the current generation to create a visual resume that is compelling.

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What are the basic reasons a visual resume can be turned down? There are a couple of mistakes that either get overlooked or incorporated inside a visual resume without assuming its aftermath.

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