Xploree – A Keyboard That Thinks For You!

On a cold Saturday evening, after arriving late, turning left, and locking myself into a comfortable chair, I took the next logical step:

I immediately took the smartphone out of my pocket and fired up the Play Store to learn all about Xploree. After all, that’s what we do at any event, right? We try to learn more about the product.

And it was quite an enlightening moment.

For one, I have never used the Xploree app before. And second, as soon as I saw 500,000 downloads, I started questioning my existence.

“Is this for real? Am I really that outdated?”

Ugh. But let’s face it:

As bloggers, we feel like those cash-limited ATMs. Always overwhelmed. With limited time. Wishing to share everything. With new things lined up outside.

And Xploree is That New Thing

Here’s why:

You see, Xploree is a keyboard built for Android operating system.

What it does is very simple:

It replaces your existing keyboard with a newer one.

And this new keyboard has new languages, options, and features.


Owned by Glasgow-based KeyPoint Technologies, Xploree offers a refreshing change to your smartphone’s keyboard.

As you will see later, this one-eyed alien gives you more than just themes and stickers.

The company has done extensive research to offer suggestions and new discoveries as you punch letters. It is made possible by combining Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

In other words, everything you input through your keyboard is calculated and judged. Almost instantly. After which, you get a relevant solution. Again, almost instantly.

For example, if you are messaging your friend on WhatsApp to meet now, Xploree will suggest you to book cabs. Or restaurants.

All these are context-based suggestions. So based on your current circumstances, relevant suggestion pops up.

Installation Explained

Xploree, titled as Xploree Smart Keyboard, is freely available in the Google Play Store.  So, for now, only Android users can take advantage of this gem. You can click here to download the app.

As you launch the app, two options appear: to either enable (via settings), or switch immediately to Xploree.


Next comes the language support. As the focus is to serve Indian customers, Xploree supports well over 130+ languages.


That is all there is to the app.

Once the switch is made, the new Xploree keyboard should appear like this:


And It Goes Deeper

Because Xploree’s prediction engine links to your existing apps. So if you type a word, say a Samsung TV, the app fetches results from popular shopping sites, presenting offers to you.

You can click of any of the links and use your app, say Amazon or Flipkart, to complete the purchase.

This is also how Xploree makes money – as they get a percentage of commission for each confirmed sale.


Plus, with the discovery engine, you can quickly access the latest hot deals on the web.

The intent is to seamlessly offer valuable recommendation to the user. And allow you to discover things that you wouldn’t normally have the time to.

And this is where Xploree shines. As it does all the thinking for you!

Website link: Xploree
App link: Google Play Store