Best iPhone 3G/3GS Cases – Carbon Fiber Cases | Stylish iPhone Cases.

By Sidharth | Apple

Whether its the iPhone apps or the iPhone stands, Apple iPhone accessories are very much popular among the iPhone owners. And part of all this also includes protecting your iPhone from scratches and damages, in such cases, using a iPhone case would be the best possible option.

Of course, there are plastic iPhone cases available in the market that are inexpensive. However, those cases (most of them) doesn’t really stand upto its expectation. Also they are boring.

If you are willing to get a custom like cases for your iphone then better check out the Carbon Fiber cases, these are state of the art iPhone cases that provides sporty and stylish look for your iPhone. You can buy such iphone 3G/3GS cases online, or get a similar one from any of the stores for under $100.

Here is the compiled list of the awesome, the best iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS cases that has Carbon fiber, stylish and beautiful Apple iPhone cases 🙂

Moncarbone Carbon Fiber iPhone case


Xbox 360 iPhone Case


Striscai Series Case for iPhone 3G/ 3GS

Striscai-Series-Case- iPhone-3G-3GS

Playstation iPhone Case


Case Mate For iPhone 3G – 3GS


Jeans Series Case for iPhone 3G/ 3GS


Metal Camera Lens iPhone Case


Funkalicious Tee and iPhone 3G/3GS Case


DRO Concepts’ Carbon Fiber iPhone 3G Case


Bookshelf iPhone 3G/3GS Case


Last but not the least – The Recession iPhone Case 😀 Price: Free



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