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By Sidharth | Apple

It took Rovio only three years to spread the joy of Angry Birds all over the world. Today, Angry Birds is a household name and it has been downloaded over a billion times on various devices. And the best part? The numbers will only grow from here as the game is now available free of charge for a week.

Free Download: Original Angry Birds

Get the full version of Angry Birds for free — now with 15 new levels!

Rovio is now offering the first version of Angry Birds game, the one that was massively adopted, for free download. Only iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users can download the “original” Angry Birds game by following the links given below:

The Apple iPhone version of Angry Birds was on sale for 99 cents, while the HD game was available only for iPads — costs $2.99. Note that Rovio will keep this game free only for a week, so grab the files as soon as possible!

Are you willing to download Angry Birds again?

Let’s admit it: Angry Birds is not entertaining anymore, at least for those who have already finished all the levels. Many of us have played the original Angry Birds game when it came out, and we already have too many Rovio-branded Angry Birds out there on the store — Rio, Seasons, etc. Then there are various Angry Birds game for PCs.

There are jailbreakers who have used Installous (or its alternative apps as Installous is discontinued) to download the paid version of Angry Birds for free. Majority of iOS users have already purchased Angry Birds from the store. All this begs for one simple question: do we have any others in the room who haven’t downloaded the game yet?

Interestingly, yes! There are a lot of users who haven’t downloaded Angry Birds on their iOS devices. If we look at the top 10 iOS games, you will not find Angry Birds in the list. There is no trace of the game even in the top 80 paid apps [source]. Probably this is the reason Rovio is giving away Angry Birds for free? This “strategy” will help Rovio attract more new users, eventually boosting their ranking in the iTunes Store and reclaiming their spot in the top position.

Whatever the reason is, you can always go ahead and download Angry Birds on your iOS devices by following the above links. For those who are downloading for the first time from the iTunes Store, and if you do not want to add Credit Card to the Apple account, read this post: Create Apple account without Credit Card.

If you are struggling to complete a difficult level, or just cannot find the hidden golden egg, go through these walkthrough videos to cheat your way to the top and earn 3 stars on every level!

Note: Original Angry Birds works on iOS 5/iOS 6 firmware devices. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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