How to Activate Street View on iOS Google Maps App on iOS Devices

By Sidharth | Apple

The new Google Maps app for iOS has been embraced with open arms by thousands of users. It is free, completely redesigned with a user-friendly interface and, more importantly, serves accurate information — unlike the Apple Maps which drove people to a deserted place.

Google Maps has several noteworthy features, among which turn-by-turn navigation and Street View are prominent addition to the iOS app. Many of you may have already used the web version of Street View to catch a glimpse of Google’s incredible data center. Now, you can access these panoramic, 360-view digital images on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices.

Street View is already enabled on the iOS Google Maps, although it’s hidden somewhere deep — first-time users will have a hard time finding the Street View option. However, once you are aware of the location of Street View option on the iOS app, it’s really easy to dig it the next time around. Here’s what you should do:

  • Launch Google Maps app and search a place.
  • Swipe up from the bottom. This brings a list of options.
  • Hit “Street View.”

Example: After launching Google Maps app, I will search White House. As soon as Google locates the place, there’s a white bar at the bottom with the name of the place and other significant details.

Street View on iOS Google Maps app - White House 1

Swipe this bar to the top — in other words, swipe up from the bottom. This will bring a new card showing address, photos, website, and much more — including a thumbnail picture with Street View written on it, as shown below.

Street View on iOS Google Maps app - White House 2

Clicking on “Street View” fetches a panoramic, 360-view of the place — The White House, in this case.

Street View on iOS Google Maps app - iPhone 4S, White House

However, note that Street View is not available for every location. For instance, there’s no 360-view for Taj Mahal.

Street View on iOS Google Maps app - Taj Mahal

Give it a shot, and let us know if you face any problem. And yes, it’s true that Google has deployed Android-esque design onto the iOS Google Maps app — it’s a bit unintuitive for some users, but we can live with that.

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