Install Google Maps App on Your iOS Devices

By Sidharth | Apple

Learn how to create a shortcut to Google Maps app on your iOS 6 device.

Apple has booted the default Google Maps out of iOS 6 firmware. This bit of information is uneasy to digest, as Google Maps has been the default navigation map since the inception of iPhone.

And it’s probably one of the most used app on iOS.

But this will not stop Google from coming up with its version of Maps app for iOS devices. The story is that Google will continue to provide support for iOS and a new Google Maps application supporting iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will be launched soon.

You will be able to download Google-made friendly version of Google Maps for iOS in the coming months. For now, if you are on the iOS 6, here’s a workaround.

Trick to Create Google Maps App on iOS 6 (and iOS 5)

Note: This is not a full-blown official app; we are simply creating a shortcut to Google Maps using Safari.

Here’s how to get Google Maps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running the iOS 6 firmware:

Step 1: Launch Safari browser.

iPhone's Safari

Step 2: Go to Google Maps by typing the following address in Safari’s address bar:

Safari Browser Maps

Step 3: You will notice a message that says you can install this web version of Google Maps on your iOS by adding it to home screen.

Download Maps For Google iPhone

Step 4: Tap on the arrow to obtain a menu as shown below. Now, tap on Add to Home Screen.

Google Maps Home Screen

Step 5: You will be asked to name the Google Maps icon. I have named it as “Google Maps blogote.” You can name it anything you want, as long as it makes you happy.

Tap on Add — available on the right-top corner of the screen.

Creating Google Maps

Step 6: Head back to the home screen to notice the new Google Maps app. You can use this shortcut to access Google Maps anytime! Neat, right?

New Maps icon for iOS

Of course, this web app and the default Google Maps are not similar. This one, I believe, has more features than the default iOS Maps app. You may want to wait till Google officially launches iOS version of Google Maps, but for now, this little trick should help you find your destination!

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