Quickly Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone Using YouTube Capture App [Review]

By Sidharth | Apple

Recording videos through iPhone and other iOS devices is a piece of cake, but showing it to the world, through the Internet, is not easy. And Google aims to solve this problem through YouTube Capture — an iOS app that records videos and uploads them to YouTube.

YouTube Capture app makes shooting and uploading videos an easier affair. The minimalistic interface comes with a big red button for recording videos, and once the recording is complete, you will be taken to another screen for editing and uploading video to YouTube.com.

YouTube Capture App for iOS -- Recording

YouTube Capture is easier to use, as it reveals a guide when you launch the app for the first time. This guide, although can be skipped, explains the features of the app.

YouTube Capture App for iOS -- Uploading clips online

YouTube Capture App for iOS -- Recording

In short, it takes fewer taps (or clicks) to complete the whole process — two taps to record/stop the video and another tap for uploading the clip to the Internet. One more tap, if you want, to share the videos.

In the app’s Settings, you will also find an option to record higher quality videos. By default, on iPhone devices, videos are recorded at 720p (HD) resolution. Tapping on “Upload” changes the resolution to 480p. YouTube is clearly after high-quality videos and 360p and 240p (do we still have them?) options are unavailable.

YouTube Capture App for iOS -- Settings for Videos

YouTube Capture is smart. For instance, if you are holding your iPhone vertically to capture a video, the app will not record the video — the “Landscape Lock” locks the screen, then asks you to rotate the device and capture the video horizontally.

Automatic recording is yet another noteworthy and impressive feature. Launch the app, hold it horizontally and the app will automatically record and save the clip on your device. Go to the Settings in YouTube Capture and look for “Rotate to begin recording.” Turn this feature ON to enable automatic video recording.

Sharing is easier, too. After you have connected your YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter account, it is possible to share videos (and share them privately, if you are on Google+) with your friends and family members.

If you are uploading the captured video to YouTube, you have all the freedom to make the videos public or private. The “enhance” option lets you trim lengthier or messy videos anyway you want. Color correction can be added to the video. Any soundtracks from YouTube can be used as a background music for your video, or you can even stabilize a video captured in an undesirable situation.

YouTube Capture, however, crashed twice in our brief testing. Both the videos we recorded were about 1-2 minutes long. Also, HD videos will consume a huge chuck of your bandwidth, so be prepared for huge bills unless you are on an unlimited plan or you are using your home WiFi.

YouTube Capture App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch -- Crashing

Overall, for uploading and recording videos, Google knows what users really want and they have nailed it with YouTube Capture. Download the app from iTunes App Store, and let us know what do you think.

Requirements: YouTube Capture is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0, iOS 6.0 or later.

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