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Tech-addict and an android lover. I also like playing a lot of games and reading books! I also believe in the tenet of using your gadget/tech to its utmost ability before changing for something newer.

Top iPod Alternatives

By Kaushik | Gadgets , New Product

Apple’s fantastic marketing and production skills have made the iPod synonymous with handheld media players. However the pricing and lack of basic functionalities like an FM receiver and the hassles of iTunes is a major turn-off for some. If you’re one of them here are some iPod (and iPod touch) alternative media players for you.

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My iPhone 4 Camera Review

By Kaushik | Apple

One of the best things about the iPhone 4 was the inclusion of the spectacular 5 mega-pixel camera that clicks way better pictures than the older versions of the device. The camera is better than any other 5 mega-pixel snapper we’ve seen and even gives higher pixel cameras a run for their money.

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