3 Mac Applications for Writers and Bloggers

By Rahul Dowlath | Features

Over the years, the tools I’ve used to craft writing pieces have changed somewhat. No longer am I relying on Apple’s Pages to write posts, as three apps have come to the forefront of my writerly pursuits.

I’ve written about Scrivener in the past. This powerful word processor allows you to write any large-scale project (dissertation, screen play or novel) in your way. You can shuffle scenes, outline to as detailed as you want, and collate all your research and notes in one place. It takes much of the pain out of the long-form writing process.

scrivener mac 1024x801 Distraction Free Writing Tools For Your Mac OS Machines

For bloggers, a great way to use Scrivener is to create a project (.scriv file) that mimics your blog. Within the project, you can create folders for ideas, drafts, research etc. And use individual scrivenings (Scrivener’s rich text file format) to write your posts. This way, all your posts, research and blog material live in one place. However, it does cost you: $39, to be exact.

To learn more about Scrivener, visit the official website here.

If you aren’t willing to shell-out that much for a writing program, then the next best bet is WriteRoom.

WriteRoom brings a beautiful, distraction-free writing environment. Removing your desktop, other windows and distractions, it provides a clean, spartan page upon which you can lay down your words. It also offers a degree of customisation, allowing you to change background colour, fonts, sizes and page width. It costs $5, from the Mac App Store.

Lastly, the app I’ve come to rely on greatly for my blogging has been Evernote. It’s best feature, perhaps, is synchronisation. I can access my notes on my BlackBerry, notebook or directly from the Evernote website. And Evernote 5 for Mac is simply beautiful. It makes writing a joy, and keeps you safe in the knowledge that your notes and posts will always be with you. Best part? It’s completely free.

I usually use Evernote to jot down ideas for posts, with each “note” comprising a single post. Within the note, I’ll flesh-out the blog post, and once it’s done, I can copy it into WordPress ready for submission or publication. I refrain from using WordPress’s integrated editor, because I’ve had some dreadful experiences with posts disappearing into the ether whilst I’m writing them. With Evernote, I can write posts offline, on-the-go, or wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. In this way, it increases productivity, and makes writing fun at the same time.

Do you have any cool writing/blogging apps you can’t live without? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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