A Beautiful Solar-Powered iPhone Gaming Controller Case

By Sidharth | Features

When the iPhone was first launched, it was quite a slap in the face for all those who thought a phone without physical keyboard was a dumb idea. The smartphone not only weathered the storm by becoming a household name but also showed Sony PSP its true colors. Today, Apple iPhone (and all the other touch-screen smartphones) can do a lot more than just making calls, of which playing games — graphically-intense games — is one of things we usually do.

The onscreen keyboard is great, but physical game controllers are much better. To enhance the gaming experience, we already have too many game controllers fabricated especially for iPhone. Here’s another controller, although in its early stage, offering a seamless gaming experience for gamers on iPhone.

As simple as it may seem, FlipSide is an impressive PSP-like gaming controller. This iPhone-friendly controller is actually an ultra-thin case. The case has been designed such that the physical controllers can be pulled out from the back of the case and attached to the front of the iPhone’s screen. Whenever you want to play a game, bring this physical controllers to the front and start amusing yourself.

black color iPhone gaming control case

Live on Kickstarter, the goal is to raise $135000 to design and bring FlipSide to market.

As there’s a support for Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, FlipSide consumes less energy and is extremely efficient. Only iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S (which supports Bluetooth 4.0) can benefit from this case, if at all FlipSide comes to the market — we hope it does.

At this point, the FlipSide prototype looks quite interesting. Solar charging is possible. Then we have a battery that is thinner than a stamp and the “trickle charging” charges battery even when the solar panel is facing away from the light. If Apple were to design a gamepad for iPhone, this is what it should be.

The video below shows FlipSide in action:

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