Airtel 4G in Bangalore: Launch and Tariff Plan Details

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Bangalore finally gets the new Airtel 4G network, making the city second (next to Kolkata) to get 4G connection in India.

The official 4G network launch triggered on May 7th in Bangalore where Huawei, a global leader in telecommunications network, promised to deploy the 4G LTE network in Karnataka. If you didn’t know yet, Airtel promised to offer speed of up to 40Mbps, which is three times that of 3G.

This speed will be achieved through the LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology.

As of now, you can activate 4G plans by buying any of these devices:

  • LTE USB modem (Huawei E392)
  • LTE Indoor Wireless Gateway (Huawei B593)

New 4G Plans

The 4G tariff plans haven’t changed a bit. The prices are still on the higher side.

4G Plan Name Rental Per Month Free GB
breakfree Rs. 999 6 GB
breakfree max Rs. 1399 9 GB
breakfree ultra Rs. 1999 18 GB

Airtel is offering service package of 30GB for Rs. 2999. The sweeter part of the deal is the unlimited movie package. If you buy the Airtel 4G service in Bangalore, you are entitled to receive 10 movie titles free of cost. And if you want to watch unlimited number of movies, pay Rs. 149 every month.

Cashback Offer on 4G Service:

To expand the 4G footprint in Indian cities, Airtel is offering full cashback for the dongle / USB stick, thus bringing the cost of the device to zero. Needless to say, you should pay monthly rental fee (either Rs 1999 or Rs. 2999) to stay connected to 4G.

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