Airtel 4G Services — Everything You Need to Know About 4G Plans

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Airtel 4G services in India offers over 10 times better data speed than 3G.

Airtel 4G Plans

Here you will learn more about Airtel 4G services, 4G devices, the tariff plan, and the current 4G coverage in India.

About Airtel 4G:

Bharti Airtel is the first company in India to offer high-speed services using 4G technology. For those who don’t know yet, to obtain the right to offer Broadband Wireless Access (which is a means to provide wireless technology to consumer and business markets), Airtel invested 33 billion rupees.

The new 4G technology can bring rich content to you in no time. Smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks can use Airtel’s 4G LTE device to connect to 4G.

How good is Airtel’s 4G Speed?

According to Airtel, “the 4G technology has a very low latency rate (< 5-30 ms) making it suitable for all type of high speed applications and services, while offering amazing download and upload speeds.”

Airtel believes the 4G speed can shoot up to 100mbps during download, and 40mbps while uploading, which will obviously make streaming high-definition (HD) videos, transferring of files, and downloading bigger files much more easier.

How to connect to 4G service?

If your city has Airtel’s 4G activated, you have two ways to connect to 4G:

  1. Use Airtel’s 4G LTE USB modem.
  2. Use Airtel’s 4G LTE indoor wireless gateways.

What’s the price of 4G devices?

The 4G dongle (USB modem) is priced Rs. 7,999 and the indoor-only gateways with Wi-Fi is available for Rs. 7,750.

Note: You can’t update or replace your old 3G dongle to a newer 4G dongle. The Airtel’s 4G dongle is on postpaid — there’s no prepaid recharge facility available yet.

What are the Tariff plans available?

4G Plan Name Rental Per Month Free GB
breakfree Rs. 999 6 GB
breakfree max Rs. 1399 9 GB
breakfree ultra Rs. 1999 18 GB

Where does Airtel 4G work?

Airtel has 4G licenses in four circles, including Kolkata, Maharashtra, Punjab and Karnataka.

City/State 4G Availability
Kolkata Yes
Bangalore Yes
Punjab Coming soon
Maharastra (excluding Mumbai) Coming soon
Delhi No 4G license yet
Pune No 4G license yet
Gujrat No 4G license yet

How good is the coverage of Airtel’s 4G?

You can know more about the 4G coverage by following this link.

How to contact Airtel for 4G connection?

You can call Airtel on 1800-103-0405 to get a new 4G connection, or to learn more about discounted 4G plans available, if any.

Will You Upgrade From Airtel 3G to 4G Network?

Do we really need 4G services in India? Let’s put it this way: Can we really afford 4G services right now?

3G services in India can offer up to 21mbps of download speed. 4G, however, offers 100mbps download speed. But it’s not about the speed — it’s about the price.

Even with a 900 million mobile subscriber base, there are only 10 million users subscribed to 3G. To put it bluntly, in India, 3G hasn’t been a success so far.

What are your thoughts about 4G? Can 4G triumph over 3G? Do you plan to activate Airtel’s 4G services on your devices?

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