Jolla is a Brilliant Smartphone With Excellent Features (and Decent Price)

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Imagine five football teams playing at the same time, on the same field. It’s not going to be a “fun” game anymore. There will be more than just kicking-the-ball on the field — we will witness players exchange abuses and grumble about the referee as they struggle to find the ball.

You know it’s going to be an epic battle with complete madness. Same is the case with the mobile industry. The competition and madness is massive. Plus there are more than five teams playing in the field. And there’s no referee too!

Chaos… more chaos!

Here is another team entering the smartphone industry with new hopes. The name is “Jolla.”

Red Colored Jolla Smartphone

Jolla is not another smartphone, the makers believe. It’s a movement in this ultra-competitive smartphone market. This elegant slab is built using smart layers. You will learn more after watching the video below:

The makers of Jolla worked at Nokia previously.

The idea to bring a new smartphone came in 2011, but the real work begun last year. But what really makes Jolla a drool-worthy phone?

Two things: first, it has a new operating system. Second, the smartphone comes with a panel on the back that can be replaced with a new one (watch the video below).

About the new operating system, it’s not Android. Jolla phone has a custom operating system known as Sailfish. Consider Sailfish OS as an evolved version of Meebo, which Nokia killed in 2011 (so that they can focus on Windows Phones).

But Jolla can run Android apps too — it is as simple as transferring a file (APK file, in this case).

The back of Jolla’s phone is something refreshingly unique. The company calls it “the Other Half.” You can easily change the panel to another color — magic happens when you do that. The software changes when you change the panel.

For every panel you can configure the settings in your own way. Suppose you are on your way to office, use a blue panel to lower the sound (or put your phone in vibrate mode). When home, switch it back to the black panel.

Several years ago a 4.5-inch screen on a smartphone was a dream. Today, it’s a different story. Even Jolla comes with a 4.5-inch HD display screen.

Built-in 16GB storage memory is available, which can be further expanded through SD card.

Even gestures are everywhere. The homescreen of Jolla features live tiles (boxes) showcasing latest emails, news, and so on.

In the video you’ll see Mark, the co-founder of Jolla, taking about the smartphone:

You can pre-order the Jolla smartphone right now by visiting their website (link). But, as usual, all good things come to those who wait.

You can pay now — around $500 for one unit — but you must wait for the device to reach home. Reason is simple: Jolla is not polished yet. It’s getting there though. Expect the phone to reach you by the end of the 2013.

Update: Here is a hands-on demo of the new Jolla handset shared by Jolla’s Chief Designer Martin:

Epic phone! You think so?

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