AppTrap on Mac Permanently Removes App and Game Files

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Moving Mac apps to Trash feels really good. Simply drag-and-drop apps (or games) icon to the Trash and, in a couple of seconds, we have additional hard disk space. And the app is gone, too. That’s it! You have successfully removed the application from your Mac machine.

Really… Have you?

No! Not all the apps or games you move to Trash are completely uninstalled. Some apps (read nasty third-party apps) have files associated with it that remain on your Mac. You may delete the app by moving it to Trash, but the app’s associated files are still there, hiding somewhere in your machine.

Technically, the app has been partially uninstalled.

How can you completely remove a full-blown application from your Mac?

The manual way to remove any app or game files can be tedious. Take Little Snitch as an example. You have to go through a series of steps to manually uninstall such apps.

A much better way to remove apps and games along with its associated files and folders is to use AppTrap, a free Mac plugin that is incredibly simple to use.

This isn’t an app, to be precise. AppTrap, when switched ON, will pop up a window every time you move apps to the Trash. Let me explain how this works:

Step 1: Download AppTrap (link below).

Step 2: Extract the folder and launch the AppTrap.prefPane file.

New App Trap Application

Step 3: This will automatically launch System Preference. Add AppTrap. You will notice the app’s icon under Other.

System Preferenace Pane App

Step 4: Click on AppTrap icon -> Start AppTrap. You may also want to check the box that says “Start automatically on Login.”

App Trap Mac uninstaller

Step 5: If you have any app that you want to remove from your Mac, move it to Trash. When you move the app icon to Trask, a new AppTrap window pops up asking if you would like to remove the associated files that came along with the app.

Trashing Mac Apps

You can either leave files as it is or move them to the Trash completely. Similarly, even game files can be removed this way. AppTrap, you beauty!

Download AppTrap [Tested on Mac OS X Lion, iMac]

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