Archos 7 Tablet: What You Need To Know

By Jim Roberts | Features

Archos 7 is a Google Android tablet made for individuals who wish to access media including videos, audios, and images as well see mail and web content without the need to create content and doesn’t need high performance from a tablet pc.

Archos 7 makes use of the Android 1.5 Operating System which is fairly easy to use and performs several tasks seamlessly, although some applications are hard to control if you make use of the touch screen. Here is a quick overview on the design, features and downside of Archos 7 tablet.

Design of Archos 7

The Archos 7 tablet measure 190mm x 16mm x 110mm and weighs a little over a half kilo. The screen is also only 7 inches wide. There is a microSD slot on the top. You can also find a headphone jack, AC adapter and USB port on the right side. The backside provides you with a handy kickstand that allows you to prop the tablet on a surface.


The media playback for the tablet isn’t so bad as well, it doesn’t jump off your screen but it is quite watchable. So if you are after content and not the quality of the pictures then you will be fairly satisfied with what the Archos 7 can provide and its audio is quite clear as well.

File Transfers in Archos 7

Transferring files with the Archos 7 is quite straightforward, just plug in the USB support and you’re all set.  It can read avi, flv, mp4 and mkv for video,  aac, flac, wav, and mp3 for audio, jpeg, bmp and gif files for images.

The Downside of Archos 7

Although, one might note that the Archos 7 has a questionable battery life. The device was able to play continuous video for 7 hours. But the device gets quite hot after watching for a continuous hour, it might be harmless but it might also be a cause for concern.


Another downside to the device is its unresponsive touchscreen. It makes for a very frustrating motion to need to continue to slide through the screen without any response.  And the only connection to the device is the touchscreen, there are no navigation keys that you can use, so you’re generally stuck with it.

The Archos 7 comes preloaded with several apps as well including an e-book reader, a radio client and an IM client as well. You can visit the AppsLib and Android market to browse for available apps to use.

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