Awesome, Weird Creative Speakers to treat Your Ears

By PayalSakaria | Features

Creativity has no limits as the minds of the enthusiasts are always at work. Speakers are one such electronic item which has witnessed flashy and creative designs that only offers good sound quality but are also appealing. Here we have selected some of the interesting speakers which are not a common sight and may be for some these may look even weird.

But so what we are here to offer you something different and exciting. So just have a look at the list of the best, weird creative speakers and enjoy 🙂

Snow Speakers: Developed by a group of students at Michigan University these 20,000 watts speakers will surely take you into snow wonderland.

These speakers are made using 9 Behringer EP2500’s, 1 Crown XL S602 and of course lots of snow.

Stiletto Shaped Massaging Speakers:These interesting Stiletto Shaped speakers are created by Jacob Mathew for his latest Soundsations collection.

They will surely make your living room look more appealing than ever before.

AWR 650 SM outdoor Speakers: These speakers seem to welcome you back in the Stone Age with their attractive design.

Available in different designs of stone finishes these speakers are weather resistant and perfect for your garden.

Canvas Speakers by Sound Art: These speakers are an apt choice for all those people who are looking for the perfect combination of art and technology.

Along with the choice of your canvas prints it comes with loud subwoofer and distributed loudspeakers in the frame.

Foldable Apple Speakers: These startling apple shaped speakers when folded out takes up the shape of a speaker set and an iPod stand.

Compatible with any of the audio device these speakers are powered y AAA batteries and come with 3.5mm headphone jack.

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speakers: These cool looking speakers looks like a futuristic design and is available in silver and blue color.

Ice Cream Sundae Speakers: These speakers made by SG Custom Sound are just the perfect for your kitchen and the cherry on the top further makes it even more interesting.

Cube Speakers: Developed by Mario Bros, these portable cube speakers are compatible with any of the device that has standard headphone jack.

Which one of them do you find to be the most creative speakers? Let us know..

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