Best Adblock Chrome Extensions to Block ads in Google Chrome Browser

By Sidharth | Features

In this post I will be talking about the best adblocking addons extensions for Google chrome. As you know, Google rolled out the new extension features that works just like Firefox and as similar to adblock+ for Firefox we have Adblock for Chrome browser too!

Some Chrome adblock addons are still in the development stage whereas others are already working flawlessly. So, without further ado let me review all the popular and the best adblock extensions to block ads on Chrome:

– AdThwart Adblocker for Chrome

What it does: Adthwart addon is an typical adblocking extension that reduces the number of ads seen on webpages by blocking them. Although the addon is still in it’s primitive state but has been already downloaded 35000 times. Download Adthwart


Works? Sadly, the devilish icon laughs at you without blocking the ads.. Yes, it didn’t work for me! But the future updates include easylist that allows you to filter advertisements from online websites. So keep an eye on this upcoming adblocker.. Rating 2/5.

– Adsweep Adblock for Chrome

What it does: Adsweep was already an alternate way to block ads from webpages on Safari, opera and Chrome but now they have released an official addon to block ads on Google chrome. The only best adblock extension available for Chrome browser that is really working. Download Adsweep


Works? YES! But I can’t find an icon to disable it 😀 I am still playing with it though. It blocks most of the advertisements on the website and luckily it’s the only working Chrome adblocker. Oh yeah, it doesn’t block inline advertisements. Rating 3.5/5

Other adblockers extensions?

I checked the chrome extensions gallery which have some extensions like block Flash (doesn’t work), Facebook adblock and I believe more sophisticated addons for blocking ads are on there way for chrome browser. So stick around by subscribing to our feeds.

And, If you are looking for bookmarklets then check out this post which has the adblock+ for chrome bookmarklet. Add it to your chrome browser and block most of the adverts!

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