Best Firefox Tweak For Low Memory Consumption: FasterFox

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firefox_logoI’ve been using Firefox for more than 2 years now. The browser addon community and consistent addition of new addons is what amazes me the most. Not only is this the best browser but it is primitively known for consuming too much of RAM memory as well!   

One of the reason why the memory consumption increases in Firefox is the integration of addons and to curb down the memory consumption in Firefox i.e, to tweak firefox performance – You have to install an addon (how ironic?) but this does work! Here is the detail..

The addon is Fasterfox although you can find tons of tweaks, but for me, this addon has considerably reduced memory hogging issues from the Firefox browser.

Fasterfox addon has different optimizing levels that can turbo recharge Firefox performance to a greater extent. The pic below shows the various tweaking features:


Result – After implementing Fasterfox, I must admit, there was a significant improvement in Firefox. My Firefox browser was consuming around 800mb and after the implementation of this addon, the consumption level was brought down to 200mb 🙂 which is really cool!

Download Fasterfox Addon

Note that Fasterfox is in experimental stage. But you can still download it (runs smoothly on Firefox 3.5 version)

Download Fasterfox (Check the box and accept the terms to download)

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