Best Free Word Processors

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A word processor is a program for writing and editing text. Microsoft Word is probably the most popular of the lot but it is not free and a number of equally good free Word processors are also available.

AbiWord Processor


AbiWord is a free word processor that runs on almost every operating system including Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and others. In addition to the standard word processing features (including indents, tables, styles, spell check, page columns, page headers and footers, character formats etc.) two features make AbiWord stand out as an exception.

The first is AbiCollab that allows many users to simultaneously work on a single document and the second is the Presentation View that lets you display your presentation as a ‘full screen’ page. It also has a grammar check feature. Writer

openoffice_writer writer is very similar to Microsoft Word. It can however, run on a wide range of systems and contains all the features expected in a word processor. Additionally it contains a word prediction mechanism not found on other processors. Other features include autocorrect, indexing, styles and formatting, illustrations, tables etc.

However, this software lacks grammar check and the ‘draft view’ available on other word processors. The mail merge functions are also less supple than on others. The best thing about Writer is that it is an Open Source initiative which means that the software can only improve as more people use it.

Jarte Word Processor


Jarte is a free, light weight word processor that is simple yet efficient. It is the best deal for basic word processing but lacks advanced and rarely used utilities. Jarte runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows and this is a limitation if you use a different operating system. In addition to all the standard functions, Jarte provides for a number of minute details that make it extremely appealing to the user. Some of these details are:

  • Larger buttons for more frequently used functions,
  • Instant access to fonts, folders and documents that you mark as ‘favorites’,
  • Using the mouse scroll button for copy-pasting text,
  • Tabbed document windows for multiple open documents etc.

There’s a paid version called Jarte plus containing extra features like auto-online and auto-correct. All in all, Jarte is a small but compact and user friendly software that is more suited for students, writers and home users than corporate users who require a greater and more formal range of utilities.

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