Best Stylish Mini Laptop Bags and Laptop Cases

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When you have a laptop that needs to be lugged around a lot, having a durable yet stylish laptop bag becomes a necessity. Your precious notebook needs to be protected from rain, mechanical damage and also kept clean and ventilated. And seeing that the USP of mini laptops such as the Eee PC is portability, a laptop bag is absolutely essential.

Mini Laptop Bags That Look Awesome

While computer laptop bags are available in a multitude of styles, colors and sizes, finding one that is a right blend of functionality and style may prove to be cumbersome if you do not know where to start from. Bags for laptop notebooks can be found in numerous online stores which will give you enough variety to choose from. Apart from that you can also look at the catalogs of various computer companies, especially those that manufacture mini laptops as they are sure to have accessories and add-ons for their products.

As more and more people commute long distances to get to work, an increasing number have to carry laptops to work and other places that their work takes them, business meetings, for instance. Often, working women prefer not to appear as though they are carrying bulky luggage and so they opt for stylish laptop cases that not only protect their precious mini laptops but are trendy as well. For many women, a stylish laptop bag not only brightens their ensemble but also goes a long way in defining their taste and preferences, especially if they are working in creative professions.

Stylist Laptop Cases For Your Laptop

Stylish laptop cases stand out and draw attention to the personality of the person carrying the laptop – something that is an advantage to people working in the fashion or advertising industries.

From backpacks to hand-held mini bags for laptop notebooks that resemble a normal handbag, a potential buyer would be spoilt for choice. There are bags and cases to suit the needs of customers with budgets of a wide range. Some of the best laptop bags, let’s say the mini laptop bags available today include the following:

The Booq BOA is both stylishly designed and spacious and lets you carry your laptop. The XM size which is available at $165 provides a snug fit for 13” laptops.


A Quilted Carrying Case by Belkin available at only $19.99 complements the ASUS Eee PC well, keeping it safe and dry while allowing it to be carried easily.


Women interested in designer cases would find the Acme Made Courier elegant, classy and extremely durable. Its practical spacious design combined with customizable coolers make for a great laptop case!


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