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Wide screen LCD monitors are a popular gadget choice among the wide array of displays available. The best LCD monitors in the widescreen category suited to various purposes such as gaming, graphics and photography include offerings by well known companies such as Dell, LG and NEC.

LCD display screens have redefined the viewing of monitors. Currently, with ample variety up for sale in the market, the consumer is truly spoilt for choice. It is actually this rather utopian situation that causes much confusion for the prospective buyer. For most people, it is the problem of making the right choice in terms of performance and affordability from the vast sea of wide screen monitor choices.

According to Mark Kyrnin of, the best overall LCD display is the Dell UltraSharp 30008WFP 30 inch monitor, which has excellent color and resolution and decent fast motion video, but a slower response time. On the expensive side, prices for this LCD screen starts from $1400.


The 27 inch LG W2753V-PF, however, has a 2ms response time, which is ideal for gaming and handling fast motion video, something that a larger 30 inch display would be less competent at. The price of the LG W2753V-PF is approximately $470.


The NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi-BK, with its stunning production of 97% of the colour of the AdobeRGB spectrum, 2560×1600 resolution on a 30 inch panel and a reputable 6ms response time, is an extremely good choice for graphics work. A 4 year warranty is an additional bonus, especially since the price is a hefty $2200.


There are several places from where one can buy LCD monitors. A buyer may look at online stores and can also visit company showrooms present at a nearby location to buy LCD widescreen monitors.

A few factors to be kept in mind before handing out the cheque are size, price, resolution, connectivity to various other peripheral devices, power conservation and whether the monitor follows certified standards such as MPR II or TCO, which ensure low emissions.

The size of the LCD monitor is one of the most important factors. The LCD 17 inch monitor is smaller, portable and more affordable than the larger displays. According to, the best LCD 17 inch monitors include the Samsung SyncMaster 740BX, the ViewSonic VA1721wmb, which is widescreen LCD and the Dell Ultrasharp 1708FP.

Currently however, the LCD 19 inch display is highly popular as it is both fast and spacious. According to pcworld, the best buys are the ViewSonic Thinedge VP930B 19, Dell UltraSharp 1907FP 19 and NEC MultiSync 90GX2 among others. The SONY SDM-HS95/B 19″ LCD Monitor is another option among LCD 19 inch displays.

Conclusion: LCD flat screen monitors are hugely popular owing to their picture clarity, resolution and the fact that there is no flickering of the image, which greatly reduces strain on the eye of the viewer. Finally, to purchase the best LCD monitor, the key is to know how much you are willing to stretch your budget and what the LCD monitor will primarily be used for.

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