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While it is perfectly fine to search for freeware suitable for your mobile phone over the Internet on your own, getting a helping hand for doing so in the form of tips, reviews and experiences from other users like you is not a bad idea at all. The Internet is full of software both useful and otherwise and this is, in fact, a great way to ensure that you do not end up downloading software that does not work properly, or perhaps even damages your phone.

Checking out what other people have to say about various freeware on forums can give you a good estimate of whether the program you were eyeing is actually worth the download or whether downloading it could result in your cell phone dying a painful death! More often than not, you can even come across recommendations for freeware that you were not even aware of.

The fact remains that just as it is always better to face the Big Bad World with a trusted gang of friends, it is also the better option to discuss freeware and cell phone applications with other people via a discussion forum.

Now, Windows Mobile, developed by Microsoft, is one of commonly found operating systems for smartphones, being the fourth most popular OS for mobile devices. Looking for freeware for your Windows smartphone becomes a much easier task with advice and support from good forums. A few of these are:

Best Forums For Windows Smartphone Freebies

1. CNET Forum

The CNET Forum is an excellent place to look for expert advice and help related to Windows Mobile freeware. The forum has threads related to a diverse range of topics and responses to a question that you may post are usually quick and helpful.

The discussion board also has an easy to use interface. So, if you want a quick word on new and interesting Windows smartphone freeware or help in sorting out various Windows Mobile freeware-related problems, this is the place to be!


When you register for free at, you not only get the latest news about Windows smartphone freeware available over the Internet, but also free and fast user-to-user support and a host of other helpful features such as access to various guides and tutorials teaching “how to” use, install or remove various smartphone softwares.


The ability to join Professional user groups for smartphones, download links and most importantly the ability to post and answer to as many threads as you like is available with which is definitely another forum recommended for Windows smartphone users!

3. Zedge Forum

Another helpful community for information and advice on Windows smartphone freeware is the Zedge Forum. The Community has an entire Forum containing many threads dedicated to Windows smartphones.


Its friendly interface and quick response time make it a great place to share and discuss information. Any other windows smart phone forums you came across? let us know..

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