Best Windows Widgets Gadgets for Vista Users

By Sidharth | Features

The latest in the line of operating systems unveiled by global computer giant Microsoft, Windows Vista can support a battery of widgets. However, Microsoft refers to these widgets as “Vista gadgets”.

With their ability to provide snippets of information in an easily accessible format, widgets are a godsend for most Windows Vista users. However, the sheer number of different widgets to choose from makes the selection process a little burdensome for the user. So, to make things a little easier for all you Windows Vista users out there, here are ten of the best and most handy widgets:

When you are working on a task, it always helps to set a time target so that you do not slack off and waste precious working hours. The Two Minutes Timer helps you do just that in short bursts of two minutes each. Sounds like a good way to get work done fast, right?


Another really useful Vista widget would be the Magic Folder. Seeing how so many of us find it difficult to sit and organize files especially the ones saved quickly to the Desktop, the Magic Folder acts as a knight in shining armor. Based on your choice of folder for a certain file type, files dropped into the Magic Folder get automatically categorized and ferried away to the right destination with hardly any effort on your part.

With globalization, language is a barrier which is easily overcome, especially with the Systran Translator and Dictionary. Accessible from the sidebar, this free widget makes translation both fast and easy, all in time for you to conduct business with clients worldwide.

Some more Windows Vista Gadgets/Widgets

The Password Generator is another must-have widget, especially for those who need to come up with a large number of strong passwords. The Flight Monitor, which lists the status of scheduled flights, is another useful widget to have.

It always helps to have an excellent feed reader that keeps track of the latest updates in your areas of interest. The Hermes RSS feed reader, showing complete headlines from the sidebar is thus very handy. The Ultimate Explorer, which allows quick searches to over 50 sites from one module, is another great widget.

The Package Tracker, keeping track of overnight deliveries, The App Launcher, that can launch all your favorite applications from the sidebar and the Outlook Upcoming Appointments, which displays your most current appointments are three other great widgets for Windows Vista. So which is the best gadget you use in your Windows vista 😉

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