Use iSight Camera to Stop/Play a Song on iTunes [Mac]

By Sidharth | Features

Mac users can use your hand gesture and iSight camera to play a song on iTunes.

Flutter is a free Mac app that lets you control iTunes and Spotify through gestures. Simply place your hand in front of the iSight camera to pause, start and control the currently playing song on your Mac.

Mac Gets Flutter App

You can stop or play the song anytime, but doesn’t mean the app will launch iTunes or Spotify automatically. You have to launch these programs, and Flutter, running in the background, will use the iSight camera to detect your hand gestures.

Here’s a video on how Flutter works:

The app is free to download. It works as advertised, but we surely need more features. Given the price, this is probably one of those infinitely cooler app that you should definitely try it out.

One more thing: If any of your Mac app — Skype, for instance — is already using iSight Camera, Flutter will not work.

App tested on: iMac, Mac OS X Lion.

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