Cool Keyboard Concept for Your Computer

By Sidharth | Features

The best Macbook keyboards are realistic but they all lack creativity. Also, you may have a keyboard that’s expensive but they still do the same job. That said, there are wacky keyboards with different sizes, buttons and designs, some of them are listed below.

Here are our top 3 coolest keyboard concept that are built for computers — we wish they were available.

Optimus Maximus keyboard

Optimus Maximus keyboard

Looks much more like an ordinary keyboard? Look closely, in this real keyboard – each key is a stand-alone display that shows the functions it can perform. You can play music, add smiley or open application quickly. It also supports slots of SD card, USB port.. Want to open MS word, Mozilla browser? You’re just a button away!

Computer Glide Keyboard

A conceptual keyboard that allows the user to smoothly slide the keyboard in every direction. The benefit? This keyboard comes with optical sensor and once you slide the keyboard to a particular direction – the cursor movement changes on the screen, so this is a keyboard cum mouse 😉

Glass Keyboard Concept

glass_keyboard_concept With the use of motion capture technology, this glass keyboard will scan your finger movements to print the keystroke on your monitor screen. It’s light, waterproof and one cool keyboard everyone would like to own.

Which one of them is your favorite? One thing is for sure: Keyboard concepts not only amuses many of us but they are the ground for innovation! You never know, in next 5 years, all this keyboards would be in our home.

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