Create Online Music Mixer in DJ Style – Soundation Studio

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Music, for many people evokes memories, strong emotions and are associated to our life in one way or the other. Everyone has a different taste for music, but all of these music serve some purpose. And if you love beats (the DJ beats), electrical tunes and music simulations then you must try out Soundation Studio which is a free online music mixer!

Soundation Studio is an online DJ music application that allows you to make ringtones, add audio clips, create awesome DJ style music, mix them and download in .wav format!

The web interface of this DJ music mixer tool contains more than 400 audio tunes, music effects, loop audition, channel control and much more… It’s easy to use, has tons of features that will keep you glued for a while. Access Soundation Studio.

I’ve taken the screenshot from Soundation studio help manual to give a quick glance on the enhanced integrated options that gives you an better control over the music that you are DJing


How to use Soundation Studio

Although I am not used to DJ music mixer desktop apps, but I do recommend you to check out Soundation Studio which looks decent enough and it’s totally free from any form of registration requirements. You can download Soundation Studio help manual (recommended) as it contains illustrated steps on how to use Soundation studio to optimum level (Size: 1.6mb)

So, give a try to Soundation Studio and become ‘that’ self proclaimed DJ you always wanted to be 😉

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