Free apps for Custom Screen Capturing on Mac OS

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Mac OS has always made it easy to grab a quick screenshot. You can use the dedicated Grab application, or punch in a combo of keyboard shortcuts to snap the screen instantly.

However, there are third-party apps available to ease the task of capturing custom sized screenshot. Here are my two favorite programs.

Mac App 1: All you have to do is to enter the website URL, set a custom size and the screenshot is generated. This is exactly how Paparazzi works.

Screen capture Mac OSX

Paparazzi is a free screen capturing utility for Mac OS that lets you input the URL of a webpage, crop the captured screen and batch capture webpages with a custom size preset.

Plus, if you don’t want to crop pictures every time you capture a screen, setting a custom size is definitely going to save you some time. There’s nothing too fancy about this app. It does exactly what you want: generate a screenshot of a particular webpage.

For the price you pay, which is free, this is a handy little gem for every Mac user.

Download Paparazzi (Works on Mac OS X Lion and Leopard).

App 2: Capturing image from the web world is really easy with Instant Shot as the program comes with options to capture, convert images & save them to JPEG, PNG or in TIFF format.


You can capture full screen or a part of it and add fixed borders or resize the captured images. All in all this freeware utility does exactly what you need – capture screens with simplicity!

Download Instant Shot [For Mac]

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