Destroy Websites Using This Browser Bookmarklet

By Sidharth | Features

Don’t like a website? Then why don’t you destroy it completely like I do?

Destroying a WordPress blog

I am using this genius bookmarklet on my browser to temporarily destroy websites and webpages — it’s so much fun! Even you can get a kick out of wrecking sites by installing this bookmarklet.

Get the bookmarklet: Destroy

Note: Drag-and-drop the above bookmarklet on your browser’s bookmark bar. Check out this video to learn more on how to install bookmarklets on any browser — be it Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

Once you have installed the Destroy bookmarklet, visit any website from your web browser and click “Destroy.” Mark the area of a website you want to wreck using your mouse, and wait for a couple of seconds for the words to blow up on your computer screen.

I am cracking a huge smile while destroying Simple Wikipedia and seeing those pages explode to oblivion.

Playing with Simple WikiPedia website

Want more? Check out these Chrome bookmarklets (which also works on Firefox, Opera, etc) and load your browser with useful bookmarklets.

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