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By AustinP | Features

Google is a company that has always been able to impress us. Over the past few years, their Internet Brower – Google Chrome has been able to offer web users a completely fast, unique and special way to take advantage of the digital world.

With a few bugs here and there, it was something that Google said that they can fix in time. That time has come and Google Inc. have released their all new Chrome 8.0 browser which promises to do much more than just help users surf the web.

The all new Google Chrome 8 browser comes bundled with a bunch of features that no other program has been able to match up in terms of speed and compatibility. Sources have revealed that the new browser is said to have complete adaptability with the impending web store launch which has been kept on hold for a long time.


The new Chrome 8 offers a multitude of new apps and program support structures that were missing in its predecessor firmware solutions and now comes with extended support functions. Additionally, the new Chrome 8 browser comes with a built in PDF viewer and a rounded off 800 bug fixes that has made it the fastest browser yet.

For now, there is just a two line official word given out on the stable release of the new Google chrome 8 browser but it certainly is worth downloading.

Click here to download the stable version of Google Chrome 8 For Windows, Mac and Linux.

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