Download QT Web Browser | Adblock Enabled Internet Browser

By Sidharth | Features

Ok, I know there are tons of Internet browsers out there trying to get into the news. Though the popular browsers still remain on top of the browser market share but there are newly developed browser that combines some easy-to-use quality features which are worth mentioning. One such adblock enabled browser is QT Web browser.

QT Web is a portable light weight Windows internet browser that uses the rendering combination of Nokia QT framework, Apple Safari and Google Chrome browser.


QT web browser is portable and lets you surf the internet on your USB stick. It is open source, 5mb in size and some of it’s best features are:

  • Private mode internet browsing.
  • Easy browser customization like bookmarks bar, navigation..
  • Adblock function to block advertisement from websites.
  • Portable browser with smooth tabbed browsing.
  • Eliminates the memory consumption issue.
  • Simple, light weight browser built for browsing purpose only.

You can use adblock for QT web (instructions) browser inorder to remove advertisement, block ad banners from webpages.  Download QT Web browser directly from the official site.

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