EeeKeyboard PC – Multi Touch Smart PC Keyboard From Asus

By Sidharth | Features

One of the much awaited Asus product: EeeKeyboard PC has been announced recently. Comparing this with the Apple iPad wouldn’t make any sense now, but with multi touch and versatile computing features – EeeKeyboard Asus PC is definitely a worthy gadget that cannot be ignored.

With many upcoming iPad killer devices making their way into the multi-touch industry, Asus EeeKeyboard PC is a unique smart PC and keyboard that has been calibrated to reflect the users requirement.

Stylish as it looks, EEE Keyboard is powerful with wireless computing platform, wideband display connectivity (for streaming HD Videos) and with that comes the 5” multi touch; facilitating as a interactive panel for users.


Launching any programs (using Windows XP as operating system), sending messages on instant messenger, or meddling with media player gets easier with the touch screen panel that is located on the right of the keyboard. You can transform your place into a entertainment center by plugging EeeKeyboard PC into your HD TV.

Price of EeeKeyboard Asus PS are yet to be revealed, but so far it looks promising with its cutting edge technology design and controls. Here are the specifications from the press release of Asus Eeekeyboard PC:


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