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My daily dose of humor, rage comics, and interesting links comes from Reddit. I’m a big fan of Reddit, yes, and it’s good to see a new, fully-functional desktop Reddit app knitted for Mac OS X.

Previously, I wrote an article on Alien Blue, which is freely available for iOS devices. For Mac OS X, the good thing is, the new Alien Blue client is underway, but the bad thing is, it is still underway from the past three months or so.

So, for the time being, let’s nudge Alien Blue aside and talk about Envelope.

Envelope is the new Reddit app for Mac OS X which seamlessly ships Reddit on your desktop.

The links are displayed on the left sidebar, while the content (destination) will load on the right area once you click on the link.

App For Reddit Envelope Review

Splitting the app screen into two panel is easier with Envelope. You can split the screen to horizontal or vertical view. This makes browsing Reddit much more fun, as you can view the content on one panel and go through the comments on the other. It saves a lot of time, too.

You can also switch to a single view, post articles and upvote or, erm, downvote the links and comments.

Reddit Client Envelope

Download Envelope Reddit Client For Mac OS X

Envelope is not free.

Now that’s surprising. But wait, even though Envelope is available for $4 in the Mac App Store, the developer courteously dropped a link to download Envelope for free.

Found on this thread first, you can get Envelope for free by clicking here.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this app will not be free forever — the trial expires on 17th September. However, if you are not able to buy the app, you can always rewind the time on your Mac OS X to convert this client into full version.

This is trick posted by the developer on the same thread:

But if you wish to support the developer, and if you plan to use Envelope regularly on your Mac OS X  Snow Leopard or Lion, go grab a copy of Envelope from the Mac App Store now!

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