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Microsoft products are well known for there expensive price tags already has loads of programs, products developed each and every year.

Microsoft Office is another expensive product from the MS teams. Depending on the type of edition, MS Office can be around $150-500. But there are always alternatives for MS office, and such free alternatives of Microsoft Office are listed below. You can open text documents, PPS and PPT presentations, and also create databases or launch spreadsheet files.

Though these Office alternatives may not include all Microsoft office features but they are enough to carry our similar tasks and as well as totally free to use, download!

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives

Open Office


A popular open source Office alternative that does almost everything you tend to do from your Microsoft Office edition. Open office can be used as an word processing package, text editor, export files into various format such as swf files, create presentations etc.. Open Office also comes with addons that can enhance the features of the product according to the users requirements. Recommended!

Download Open Office

Plus Office

plusoffice_alternative Another free MS office alternative (resembles OpenOffice) for your Windows system that helps you in drawing vectors, making quality presentations, opening and editing spreadsheet files. Comes with a easy to navigate interface, plusoffice allows you to save file format into PDF extension and the free license can be used with unlimited set of computers for personal or business use.

Directly download Plus Office from here.

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