Free Desktop App to Discover and Download Free Music on Mac OS X

By Sidharth | Features

Who doesn’t love free music? Now, when you hear the word free, you would quickly jump to the conclusion that anything that’s free is invaluable. Not true.

To quench your thirst for new music, Fill is the app you need to save on your hard disk. It lets you to listen and download new tracks on your Mac machine without sweating bullets.

Unlike most of the online streaming sites out there, Fill is different. As they would call it, Fill is fresh. You can discover new tracks from new artists. Fill promotes talent in music.

You don’t have to smuggle out songs. The music is available for free download as part of the promotion by the bands. The music library isn’t massive — though that’s okay considering the fact the app is in beta.

But yes, Fill has enough songs to bust your whole day.

Download Fill For Mac

Fill is available as a desktop app for Mac. It works seamlessly on my Mac OS X Lion.

My biggest gripe with the app is that not all the songs are downloadable. Also, when you randomly pick an album, there’s no control over which song to stream. Fill streams all the songs simultaneously. Lastly, there’s no search option.

With Fill, you can always listen to new music with rupture. The artist doesn’t appear to be mainstream, but that’s the point of this app: to help you to discover new music. All in all, if you are hankering for new music, Fill is worth looking into.

Download Fill For Mac OS X.

For everything else, there’s Grooveshark (web version), Yahoo! Music and Google Music.

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