Free Private Cell Phone Number With Google Voice

By Sidharth | Features

With telemarketers having encroached the phone number database, this is a great way to get your own private phone number for free now.

Google has been sending free invitational code to their new Google voice service. This yet another free service from Google let’s you manage your mobile phone numbers and make your phone number private online. Though the service is not available for everyone but right now, Google have been sending free invites to 1 million cell phone numbers.


Benefits of Google Voice

  • Free Private Phone number.
  • Manage Phone Call-backs.
  • Call USA Phone Number for Free.
  • Visual Voice mail features.
  • Phone call conferencing.

The private number you get with Google voice can be shared with your friends. The calls will be diverted to any of your cell phone number, landline telephone and in any case, the phone caller will not be able to view your original phone number which is quite cool. You can also track your or your friend’s cell phone with Google voice.

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