Gadgets Similar to Apple iPad? Err.. Not the Apple iPad Clones

By Sidharth | Features

With quite little amount of time remaining for the public release of Apple iPad, the pre-order are already in queue starting this month and this sleek tablet is not the only one of it’s kind around. There have been many internet tablets gadgets that are quite similar to Apple iPad, at least the design and few functionality do match up with the iPad!

Although these are not the Apple iPad clones as most of these existed much before the release of Apple iPad rumors. Targeting the Apple iPad because of the large no. of enthusiastic fans, let’s check out the lookalike iPad gadgets, thanks to crunchgear for making this comprehensive list.

Similar Apple iPad Gadgets

Mod Book – $899 to $2000 Price


Viliv X70 – $597 Price


Archos 9 PC tablet – $549 Price


Viliv S10 Blade – Yet to be released.


Notion Ink Adam – Yet to be released.


HP SlateYet to be released.


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